Her light connected us.

Created by Diane on 29/06/2015
I'm not sure how I came across Wink, but I subscribed to her post and always looked forward to the next message coming into my inbox. When she created her first CAL is eagerly joined. I told all of my friends, I was involved with 4000 people across the world crocheting the same project. "Isn't it amazing" said I. One person has created this opportunity of such great and powerful connection. We became a community of strangers, smiling and sharing from across the miles.

I live in Columbus, OH, USA. I cannot attend the memorial, but I will always think of the beautiful young woman who gave so much with her generous, creative spirit.

Depression is a mighty force. For some people, the power is simply intolerable.

As a Buddhist, I believe that we are all inter-connected. Wink is in me...and, lives on in the memories of all of us to whom she gave so much.

I bow to you, Wink.